5 ways photography and video monitoring can be useful on your construction site


1. Monitoring

Construction site monitoring is the most common use for photography and video on active sites.  With weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits you can obtain high resolution photography and video allowing you to “be on site” even when schedules prohibit.

2. Survey

We can now do in days what used to take weeks via manned aircraft.  Our team arrives onsite and collects aerial imagery without any disruption to daily activities. 

3. Progress Reports

Staying connected to your investors is vital.  With monthly progress reports via photo and video collection you’re sure to impress.

4. Inventory

Keeping track of equipment within a site of any size can be a challenge.  Using specialised aerial cameras you can accurately inventory an entire site from the office using a computer rather than wasting hours navigating the construction site.

5. Structural Integrity

Allowing a drone to take stock of the quality of your pours and elevations is not only safe but practical.  Documenting and inspecting for weaknesses cannot only help eliminate potential future problems it can also save millions in the event of litigation.

We are fully CAA certified and insured up to £5million so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are getting high quality service  


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