Inspection and Surveying

Better decision making using drone captured data

Unlock the potential of drone captured data within your organisation. At EAgle Eye Solutions we can help you to increase operational efficiency, make more informed decisions, save money and reduce health and safety risk.

Authorised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority since 2014 to fly drones commercially (PfCO 1729), our pilots are skilled in effective and safe aircraft operation as well as making sure that the data is as accurate as possible to enable rapid processing and handover.

Additionally we have further approval to operate under an Operational Safety Case which allows us to operate our drones closer to third parties, crowds and further from the pilot than is permitted with a standard authorisation.


Residential Property


We provide our clients with a complete roof condition survey that includes detailed photographs and thermal imagery of all flat and pitched roof areas including eaves and gutters.

This is accompanied by a full written report detailing the overall condition of the roof, any areas requiring immediate attention and recommended remedial actions required in the next 12 months.

We also provide you imaging for insurance claims for faulty workmanship or warranties claims and we carry out inspections after storms where damage to the roof is suspected.


Commerical Buildings


We undertake the survey of commercial buildings ranging from offices, schools and healthcare facilities to industrial and warehouse buildings. We can carry out both structural surveys and surveys to produce high resolution imagery.

Modern buildings can contain considerable assets, from plant and air handling equipment  to green roof systems, not to mention waterproofing membranes.
These assets need to be checked on a regular basis both from a warranty point of view and to ensure that they are not being compromised by storm damage or debris. With roof access by personnel becoming increasingly costly due to health and safety regulations, the use of remote piloted aircraft has become a much more cost effective solution for carrying out inspections.

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