How drones can help your construction business during Covid-19


Our last few blog posts have already highlighted the benefits of using drones in construction. Drones are now used in a variety of ways to ensure maximum efficiency with both time and resources. Additionally more complex projects have paved the way for the use of drones in construction; which are a preferred method to use for tasks that are either dangerous, dull or dirty.

But as we move forward in a world perhaps permanently changed by Covid-19 what additional benefit to drones provide. And as many businesses tighten their budgets, why are they worth the investment?

In the current Covid-19 scenario, there has been a sudden surge in demand for remote site monitoring. Drones in construction allow contractors a chance to monitor any issue, track progress and develop better plans on-site by providing an unrivalled view of a site at a fraction of the cost. This has largely been related to various aspects of a construction project from deploying labour, material wastage, site inspection, and an overall return on investment. Construction professionals all over the world are gradually introducing drones in various construction phases due to the numerous financial and operational benefits.

“Taking pictures of the jobs we’re doing is fine, as long as they’re inside. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business, taking pictures of the exterior of a loft conversion isn’t easy unless it’s up a ladder. Even then, the image is close up and you can’t appreciate the work we’ve done. We’re lucky enough to have a company close to us that offer drone photography so we can see what the outside of the loft conversion looks like.”

- James Credgington, Director, Manor Loft Conversions Nottingham Tweet

Drone deployment has largely been witnessed in projects carried out by some of the international companies such as Kier and Balfour Beatty. But as the industry seeks to save more money while not compromising on safety and efficiency, drone usage is seeing uptake in smaller, local businesses. As always, if you think we could help your business with our drone services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us using any of the methods below.

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