How can drones give you an edge in property marketing?


Property marketing is always changing and becoming increasingly competitive. In the past, only large multi-million pound properties were marketed using aerial footage. However, with the recent advent of affordable, widely available drone technology, aerial photographs and videos for all types of properties are more accessible than ever.

Imagine this: Your company is advertising a property, maybe a city townhouse, countryside cottage or industrial unit, and you need gripping and unique media to engage customers and drive sales. While your competitors list property ads with standard photographs or videos in the same format as they’ve always done, you use drones to capture incredible aerial footage. The result is a captivated audience who have a lasting impression of the property.

Additionally, as with almost all industries, property marketing has found new customer bases on social media. The result has been an increase in demand for original, engaging and memorable content. What better way to showcase this than with a captivating, professionally edited video featuring amazing aerial footage.

That’s what we offer here at Eagle Eye Drone solutions. Our photographer and fully trained drone pilot will work with you to capture the feel of your property and capture stunning aerial and interior footage. This footage will then be turned into a professionally edited video which is perfect for sharing on social media.


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